Chalet du Kite

Your home in kite paradise

To travel is to pass the time… to arrive… to let yourself live.
It’s about letting yourself be carried away by the winds of Preá and feeling the force of nature.

But first… come!
Let me tell you a story…

Take off your shoes and tight clothes and let’s go outside and feel the breeze and step on the sand…

Preá is a fishing village where traditions reveal the true essence of these hospitable people.

And here we are, right next to the beach… Chalet du Kite

Why Kite?
Because we were born from a dream…

Because kiting is contact with nature in its most primitive form.
Water, wind, sun and sand.

Where everything is in harmony

It allows us to immerse ourselves in what is most beautiful and true in this life:
connection with nature and people through a sport that brings us together.

We don’t think of our guests as tourists, but as storytellers, and this is where another story begins.

My story, because every human being is unique and brings us experiences and exchanges that enrich our days.

And your story.
Let us be part of it!




With a view of the sea, feet on the sand, and the sky as a compass.