Preá Beach

Kitesurfers Paradise

Preá beach is very popular, little known to Brazilian tourists and well known to kitesurfers from all over the world, meaning that Preá beach is synonymous with wind.

The community of Preá is made up of families descended from fishermen and is located 13 km from the village of Jericoacoara. By day there’s the Duna do Por do Sol and Pedra Furada and at night the alleys are beautiful and there are lots of restaurants.

Did you know that 33% of the territory of the Jericoacoara National Park belongs to Preá Beach, and that publicized tours of Jericoacoara Village, such as the east side or the west side, can be made from Preá Beach?

Preá beach is next to Barrinha beach, also a super charming fishing village and well worth a visit!

Lagoa do Paraiso is very close to us, and in 40 minutes by car, quad or buggy you can rest in a hammock in the lagoon.

Tatajuba is part of the tour on the west side, it’s our lençóis Cearenses, it’s a tour rich in landscapes, the main points are the dry mangroves and the countless lagoons formed by the rain.

Buraco Azul – Has become the new tourist attraction in the state. This lake with extremely turquoise blue waters was formed because of the heavy rains that occurred in 2019 in Ceará.

For kitesurfers or people who want a place to relax, the beach is perfect.

Prea beach is suitable for all budgets and tastes and there is no tourist tax.

Rent a house at praia do prea

We are at Prea beach. 100 meters from the sea and 10 minutes on foot from the main restaurants and inns: Vila Preá, Rancho do Peixe, Rancho do Kite and the Ventana.